A.A.A. Degree Core Courses

History/Cultures Courses

ANT-105Cultural Anthropology3
ASL-171American Sign Language II4
ASL-245American Sign Language III4
ASL-281American Sign Language IV4
CLS-151Understanding Cultures: Latin America3
CLS-159Understanding Cultures: Indigenous Central America3
CLS-165Understanding Cultures: Modern Japan3
FLF-142Elementary French II4
FLF-241Intermediate French I4
FLF-242Intermediate French II4
FLS-142Elementary Spanish II4
FLS-241Intermediate Spanish I4
FLS-242Intermediate Spanish II4
HIS-126West and the World I: Ancient to Medieval3
HIS-127West and the World II: Medieval to Enlightenment3
HIS-128West and the World III: Enlightenment to Modern3
HIS-135Modern World Military History3
HIS-151U.S. History to 18773
HIS-152U.S. History Since 18773
HIS-221Holocaust and Genocide in Memory and Literature3
HIS-254American Indian History3
HIS-291History of Science3
REL-101Survey of World Religions3
REL-120Judaism, Christianity and Islam3
REL-125Introduction to Islam3
REL-130Introduction to Religions of the East3
REL-140Religion in the United States3
REL-145Introduction to Christianity3
REL-165Japanese Religions3

Math/Science Courses

MAT-115Mathematics and Society3
CSC-142Computer Science4
MAT-117Math for Elementary Teachers3
MAT-120College Algebra3
MAT-136Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry5
MAT-138College Algebra with Limits4
MAT-140Finite Math3
MAT-149Linear Algebra3
MAT-150Discrete Math3
MAT-162Business Statistics4
MAT-163Quantitative Reasoning for Business4
MAT-165Business Calculus3
MAT-210Calculus I4
MAT-216Calculus II4
MAT-219Calculus III4
MAT-227Differential Equations With Laplace4
BIO-104Introductory Biology With Lab3
BIO-112General Biology I4
BIO-113General Biology II4
BIO-131Genetics and Society3
BIO-154Human Biology3
BIO-168Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO-195Human Evolution3
CHM-110Introduction to Chemistry3
CHM-111Introduction to Chemistry Lab1
CHM-132Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry4
CHM-165General Chemistry I4
CHM-175General Chemistry II4
ENV-115Environmental Science3
PHS-151Introduction to Astronomy3
PHS-170Physical Geology3
PHS-175Environmental Geology3
PHS-171Physical Geology Lab1
PHS-176Environmental Geology Laboratory1
PHS-180Evolution of the Earth3
PHY-120Introductory Physics3
PHY-162College Physics I4
PHY-172College Physics II4
PHY-212Classical Physics I5
PHY-222Classical Physics II5
SCI-120Forensic Science3
SCI-122Forensic Science Laboratory1
BIO-173Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
CHM-262Organic Chemistry I4.5
CHM-272Organic Chemistry II4.5

Social Science Courses

EDU-110Exploring Teaching3
EDU-240Educational Psychology3
PSY-111Introduction to Psychology3
PSY-121Developmental Psychology3
PSY-251Social Psychology3
PSY-261Human Sexuality3
SOC-110Introduction to Sociology3
SOC-115Social Problems3
SOC-120Marriage and Family3
SOC-200Minority Group Relations3
SOC-220Sociology of Aging3
SOC-265Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Studies3