Alternative Credit

Alternative credit is defined as college credit earned outside of Kirkwood credit course completion, transfer course completion or credit by examination. Alternative credit requests cannot be made to replace a failing grade for a course previously attempted. The student will be assessed an administrative charge of $25 per application except when the outside work is Kirkwood Continuing Education coursework. If the application is approved and the outside work is not articulated Kirkwood Continuing Education coursework, a tuition charge will be assessed equal to one half the current tuition for the credit course on the application.

This procedure does not exempt students from complying with all other Kirkwood graduation procedures including residency and graduation procedures.

A maximum of 18 credits may be awarded for alternative coursework and exam credit of any kind. A student must request alternative credit be awarded. The credit is not awarded automatically.

Alternative credit will not be granted:

  1. if it duplicates courses previously passed or failed
  2. if it puts the student over 18 credits of exam credit

To obtain credit for articulated Kirkwood Continuing Education coursework, the student must consult with his/her advisor first. If the advisor recommends the student proceed, the student must submit the following:

  1. Application for Alternative Credit form
  2. Proof of articulated Kirkwood Continuing Education course completion

To obtain credit for an industry recognized, third-party portable certificate, credential or licensure, it must be valid at the time of application. The student must submit the following:

  1. Application for Alternative Credit form
  2. Copy of valid certificate, credential or license

To obtain credit for work experience or experiential learning, the student must submit the following:

  1. Application for Alternative Credit form
  2. Portfolio to include but not limited to:
    1. Tangible examples of competencies or a completed Alternative Credit Student Portfolio form
    2. A current resume
    3. A job description that clearly defines duties and a letter from the employer verifying that the student has met the competencies of the course(s) requested

All forms, attachments, documentation and the application fee will be submitted to Student Services, 3rd floor Iowa Hall, for billing, processing and archival.

Alternative credit will be denoted on the student’s transcript as exam credit with a L grade. The credit will not apply to the grade point average calculation. If the student transfers to another institution, credits earned through this policy are subject to the receiving institution’s transfer credit policies and procedures. It is not guaranteed that all post-secondary institutions will recognize these credits.

If the Application for Alternative Credit is denied, the student will be notified in writing by the department coordinator or Dean. The Application and a copy of the denial letter must be submitted to the Records Evaluator for inclusion in the student’s academic record and archival. The student may appeal the decision to the Vice President Academic Affairs. The appeal must be made in writing and submitted within 10 business days of the denial.