Administrative Assistant (ADM)

ADM-015  Basic Keyboarding  (1)  

Teaches proper keyboarding technique and how to touch type the alphabetic keyboard. The final exam covers proper keyboarding technique and the use of the keyboard. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: D

Hours per week: 2.0 lab

ADM-133  Business Math and Calculators  (3)  

Provides for the integration of business math concepts and formulas. Emphasizes current business math practices built on the foundation of mathematical problem solving. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B

Hours per week: 3.0 lecture

Prerequisite: Take MAT-052 or earn a qualifying placement test score.

ADM-157  Business English  (3)  

Provides improvement for English language skills. Studies the principles of English grammar, punctuation and style. Emphasizes correct grammar usage, spelling, vocabulary and proofreading/editing skills for the office professional. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B

Hours per week: 3.0 lecture

ADM-163  Office Concepts and Procedures  (3)  

Provides an understanding of the concepts, terminology, skills and procedures needed for employment in an office. Covers topics including telephone and teleconference procedures and techniques, travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, mail and shipping services, ethics and professionalism, office supplies and other basic office information. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B

Hours per week: 3.0 lecture

Pre/corequisite: Take BCA-136.

ADM-164  Administrative Office Applications  (3)  

Integrates the skills, knowledge and personal qualities necessary for an administrative assistant to perform the operational and supervisory functions for today's computerized office. Provides simulated office activities in a team environment using integrated software, problem-solving techniques and decision-making experiences with special emphasis on creativity, computer applications and professionalism. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B

Hours per week: 3.0 lecture

Prerequisite: Take ADM-163.

ADM-187  Administrative Management Capstone  (1)  

Focuses on assembling artifacts highlighting individual learning while attending college. Creates electronic and paper portfolios showcasing competency levels for each program outcome. Builds employment conversation skills. Incorporates learned skills and e-portfolio into the final exam presentation. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B

Hours per week: 1.0 lecture

Prerequisite: Take ADM-164.

ADM-928  Independent Study  (1-3)  

Provides readings, papers and basic research or other projects under the individual guidance of a staff member. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B; Comments: Permission of instructor, dean

Hours per week: 1.0 lecture