Science (SCI)

SCI-120  Forensic Science  (3)  

Explores forensic science and its impact on science, society and the criminal justice system. Focuses on basic concepts in selected areas of chemistry, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and anatomy and physiology. Includes basic science and the realities and limitations of scientific methods when applied specifically to criminal investigation. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

Hours per week: 3.0 lecture

SCI-122  Forensic Science Laboratory  (1)  

Focuses on laboratory procedures used in a wide variety of forensic disciplines. Includes the scientific method, identification of body fluids, blood spatter analysis and forensic entomology. Explores the theory of forensic methods along with its limitations. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

Hours per week: 2.0 lab

Corequisite: Take SCI-120.

SCI-136  Field Experiences in Environmental and Natural Sciences  (1-3)  

Focuses on skills associated with performing fieldwork in Environmental and Natural Sciences. Teaches how to prepare for fieldwork, capture and use field notes, collect and analyze data, and prepare summary reports. Varies in field experience location. Can be taken more than once for credit. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

Hours per week: 2.0 lab