Global Studies (GLS)

GLS-110  Global Leadership  (1-3)  

Develops global perspectives and valuable skills necessary to effectively work in a global environment. Focuses on comparing and contrasting cultures specifically as they relate to organizations, social justice issues and ethics. Develops leadership, personal responsibility, communication, conflict resolution and negotiation skills. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B

Hours per week: 2.0 lab

GLS-120  Education Experience Abroad  (1-3)  

Provides a structured cross-cultural experience, including pre-departure cultural orientation, in-country immersion experience and culminating project. Includes history, religion, geography, philosophy, literature, anthropology, culture, fine arts, food, language and other relevant topics. Includes a short-term study abroad experience with additional fees for travel. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

Hours per week: 3.0 lecture

GLS-924  Honors Project  (1)  

Allows a qualified honors student to pursue a special concentration of study under the guidance of an honors faculty member. Requires that student meets honors eligibility criteria. Requires completion of an honors project contract. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A; Comments: Requires approval of supervising professor and dean

Hours per week: 1.0 lecture