A.A.S. Degree Humanities Requirement

Courses in italics are also Associate of Arts core courses. Courses with a (D) are approved diversity courses.


ART-101Art Appreciation 13
ART-143Painting 13
ART-163Sculpture 13
ART-173Ceramics 13
ART-184Photography 13
ART-186Digital Photography 13
ART-203Art History I 13
ART-204Art History II 13
ART-301Design Fundamentals3
ART-420Introduction to Glass 13

Also Associate of Arts core courses


ENG-221Creative Writing3


DRA-101Introduction to Theatre 13
DRA-130Acting I3
DRA-162Technical Theatre3

Also Associate of Arts core courses

Foreign Language

ASL-141American Sign Language I4
ASL-171American Sign Language II (D) 14
FLC-141Elementary Chinese I4
FLC-142Elementary Chinese II4
FLF-141Elementary French I4
FLF-142Elementary French II (D) 14
FLS-118Spanish for Professionals3
FLS-141Elementary Spanish I4
FLS-142Elementary Spanish II (D) 14

Also Associate of Arts core courses


ANT-105Cultural Anthropology (D) 13
CLS-192Communication and Culture3
DRA-116Film Analysis 13
DRA-117Film Topics 13
DRA-125Introduction to Play Analysis 13
HUM-105Working in America 13
HUM-116Encounters in Humanities 13
HUM-123U.S. Film History 13
HUM-124World Film History 13
HUM-142Popular Culture 13
HUM-190Culture and Technology 13
HUM-200International Study in Humanities (D) 13

Also Associate of Arts core courses

Interdisciplinary Studies

CLS-151Understanding Cultures: Latin America (D) 13
CLS-159Understanding Cultures: Indigenous Central America (D) 13
CLS-165Understanding Cultures: Modern Japan (D) 13
GLS-120Education Experience Abroad (D)1-3

Also Associate of Arts core courses


(note: most LIT courses have a pre-requisite of ENG-105 Composition I)

LIT-105Children's Literature3
LIT-158Literature of the African Peoples (D)3
LIT-180Mythology (D) 13
LIT-203Forms of Literature: Story Cycle 13
LIT-204Forms of Literature: Nonfiction 13
LIT-205Forms of Literature: Drama 13
LIT-206Forms of Literature: Fiction 13
LIT-207Forms of Literature: Poetry 13
LIT-208Forms of Literature: New Media 13
LIT-209Forms of Literature: Film Adaptation 13
LIT-222Literature and Culture: American Dreams (D) 13
LIT-224Literature and Culture: Women and Work (D) 13
LIT-226Literary Themes: Literature and the Search for Identity 13
LIT-227Literature and Culture: World Poetry (D) 13
LIT-945Selected Topics1-3

Also Associate of Arts core courses


MUA-101Applied Voice (lower level 1 or 2 credit) 11-2
MUA-147Applied Instrumental (private music lessons for beginning students, 1 or 2 credits) 1,21-2
MUS-100Music Appreciation 33
MUS-138Jazz Improvisation 13
MUS-140Concert Choir 11
MUS-150Chamber Ensemble (1 credit/semester) 11
MUS-152Vocal Ensemble 1,41
MUS-157Vocal Jazz Ensemble 1,41
MUS-145Concert Band (or Wind Ensemble) 1,41
MUS-150Chamber Ensemble (Steel Drums) 11
MUS-163Instrumental Jazz Ensemble 11
MUS-207Introduction to Film Music 33
MUS-208American Popular Music & Jazz 33

Repeatable for credit


Instrument choices: Euphonium, Bassoon, Cello, Clarinet, Percussion, Flute, French Horn, Guitar, Oboe, Piano, Saxophone, String Bass, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Viola, Violin


Also Associate of Arts core courses


By audition - contact arts@kirkwood.edu for more information

Philosophy and Religion

PHI-101Introduction to Philosophy 13
PHI-105Introduction to Ethics 13
PHI-111Basic Reasoning 13
PHI-126Chinese Philosophies (D) 13
PHI-135Multicultural Ethics (D) 13
PHI-160Environmental Ethics 13
REL-101Survey of World Religions (D) 13
REL-120Judaism, Christianity and Islam (D) 13
REL-125Introduction to Islam (D) 13
REL-130Introduction to Religions of the East (D) 13
REL-140Religion in the United States (D) 13
REL-145Introduction to Christianity 13

Also Associate of Arts core courses


All courses are also Associate of Arts core courses.

HIS-126West and the World I: Ancient to Medieval 13
HIS-127West and the World II: Medieval to Enlightenment 13
HIS-128West and the World III: Enlightenment to Modern 13
HIS-135Modern World Military History 13
HIS-151U.S. History to 1877 13
HIS-152U.S. History Since 1877 13
HIS-221Holocaust and Genocide in Memory and Literature (D) 13
HIS-254American Indian History (D) 13
HIS-291History of Science 13

Also Associate of Arts core courses