Utilities (UTL)

UTL-260  High Pressure Boilers  (2)  

Covers the principles of high pressure boiler operation. Includes steam boiler types, package and field erected boilers, steam systems, feed water systems, fuel systems, pumps, regulators, traps, superheating, de-superheating and pressure reducing systems. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B

Hours per week: 2.0 lecture

UTL-270  Boiler and Chiller Inspection and Maintenance  (1)  

Covers the techniques, procedures and practices for boiler and chiller inspection and maintenance. Includes preventive and predictive maintenance procedures; maintenance of boiler room and heating equipment; water quality maintenance; fire protection and structure; and maintenance of centrifugal, reciprocating, OPAC and modular chillers. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B

Hours per week: 1.0 lecture