131 Nielsen Hall

The EagleCard is the official Kirkwood Community College identification card. It is required for the following:

  • Buying books at the Kirkwood bookstores.
  • Selling books back at book buy-back time.
  • Checking out books from the Kirkwood library.
  • Admittance to the Michael J. Gould Recreation Center, computer labs, and athletic and entertainment events.

A student has the option of depositing money on their EagleCard accounts and using it as a debit card. The EagleCard is accepted at the EagleTech Store, the Mini Cafe in Linn Hall, and both Iowa City and main campus bookstores.

Students can obtain their EagleCard at the EagleCard office (131 Nielsen Hall, main campus), Recreation Center (main campus), or the Cedar Rapids or Iowa City bookstores.