Credit Assignment in Emergency Situations

After completing at least two-thirds of the class duration, a student may petition to receive a grade and credit for courses in the academic term at the time of such emergency situations as:

  • Induction, but not enlistment, into the United States armed services.
  • Serious personal or family illness requiring the student to withdraw from all classes.
  • Death in the immediate family.
  • Other similar emergency circumstances that prevent the student from completing the academic term.

Students who believe they are entitled to consideration under this procedure must file petitions with Student Services, third floor Iowa Hall. Appropriate documentation of emergencies must accompany petitions. A committee will review the petitions to ensure conformity with the procedure. Those found to be in conformity will be forwarded for response to instructors involved. Instructor response may include assigning grades then in progress, assigning reduced grades in consideration of unmet course requirements or declining to assign grades. In any case, students retain the right to withdraw from courses.

Students who experience an emergency situation such as those above should work with their academic advisor to determine the best course of action for their circumstance, which could include an incomplete grade or a special appeal of procedure.