Student Complaint Procedure

The vast majority of complaints can and should be handled by the department closest to the issue where the complaint originates. The process for handling student complaints is as follows:

1. Discuss the complaint directly with the staff member or faculty involved. (In cases where this is not possible, such as alleged harassment or discrimination, a student may move to the second step.)

2. Discuss complaint with the Director or Dean with supervisory responsibility over the area where the issue occurred.

3. In cases where a resolution is not reached at the department level, a student may submit a complaint in writing to the appropriate vice president; Vice President, Academic Affairs (academic issues), Vice President, Student Services (student service and miscellaneous issues), or Vice President, Continuing Education and Training (continuing education issues) by completing the Kirkwood Student Complaint Form.

This process does not circumvent other existing review committees such as Special Appeals Committee, Academic Policies and Procedures Committee, or the Student Conduct Hearing board.

In the event that the complaint cannot be satisfied through one of these avenues:

  • The Iowa College Student Aid Commission is authorized to receive and review complaints from students. You may also contact the Iowa College Student Aid Commission to register your complaint.