Arts and Sciences Core Courses

Applicable to A.A. and A.S. degree requirements. One diversity course is required for the A.A. degree. Courses with (D) next to the course title satisfy the diversity requirement.

Communication - Speech

SPC-101Fundamentals of Oral Communication3
or SPC-112 Public Speaking

Communication - Writing

Select one of the following:5-6
College Writing (Composition I-II equivalent)
Composition I
and Composition II
Composition I
and Composition II: Technical Writing

History - Cultures

Students seeking an A.A. degree complete two History - Cultures courses. Students seeking an A.S. degree complete any three History - Cultures or Humanities courses.

ANT-105Cultural Anthropology (D)3
ASL-171American Sign Language II (D)4
ASL-245American Sign Language III (D)4
ASL-281American Sign Language IV (D)4
CLS-151Understanding Cultures: Latin America (D)3
CLS-159Understanding Cultures: Indigenous Central America (D)3
CLS-165Understanding Cultures: Modern Japan (D)3
FLF-142Elementary French II (D)4
FLF-241Intermediate French I (D)4
FLF-242Intermediate French II (D)4
FLS-142Elementary Spanish II (D)4
FLS-241Intermediate Spanish I (D)4
FLS-242Intermediate Spanish II (D)4
HIS-126West and the World I: Ancient to Medieval3
HIS-127West and the World II: Medieval to Enlightenment3
HIS-128West and the World III: Enlightenment to Modern3
HIS-135Modern World Military History3
HIS-151U.S. History to 18773
HIS-152U.S. History Since 18773
HIS-221Holocaust and Genocide in Memory and Literature (D)3
HIS-254American Indian History (D)3
HIS-291History of Science3
REL-101Survey of World Religions (D)3
REL-120Judaism, Christianity and Islam (D)3
REL-125Introduction to Islam (D)3
REL-130Introduction to Religions of the East (D)3
REL-140Religion in the United States (D)3
REL-145Introduction to Christianity3


Students seeking an A.A. degree complete one course from group 1, one course from group 2 and one course from group 1, 2 or 3.

Group 1 - Introductory Art & Humanities

ART-101Art Appreciation3
ART-186Digital Photography3
ART-203Art History I3
ART-204Art History II3
ART-420Introduction to Glass3
DRA-101Introduction to Theatre3
DRA-116Film Analysis3
DRA-125Introduction to Play Analysis3
HUM-105Working in America3
HUM-116Encounters in Humanities3
HUM-123U.S. Film History3
HUM-124World Film History3
HUM-190Culture and Technology3
MUS-100Music Appreciation3
PHI-101Introduction to Philosophy3
PHI-105Introduction to Ethics3
PHI-111Basic Reasoning3

Group 2 - Literature

(Prereq: ENG-105 Composition I or ENG-120 College Writing)

LIT-180Mythology (D)3
LIT-203Forms of Literature: Story Cycle3
LIT-204Forms of Literature: Nonfiction3
LIT-205Forms of Literature: Drama3
LIT-206Forms of Literature: Fiction3
LIT-207Forms of Literature: Poetry3
LIT-208Forms of Literature: New Media3
LIT-209Forms of Literature: Film Adaptation3
LIT-222Literature and Culture: American Dreams (D)3
LIT-224Literature and Culture: Women and Work (D)3
LIT-226Literary Themes: Literature and the Search for Identity3
LIT-227Literature and Culture: World Poetry (D)3

Group 3 - Topics in Arts & Humanities

DRA-117Film Topics3
HUM-142Popular Culture3
HUM-200International Study in Humanities (D)3
MUS-207Introduction to Film Music3
MUS-208American Popular Music & Jazz3
PHI-126Chinese Philosophies (D)3
PHI-135Multicultural Ethics (D)3
PHI-160Environmental Ethics3


Students seeking an A.A. degree complete one college-level math course. Students seeking an A.S. degree complete 20 credit hours of Mathematics/Science including at least one college-level math course.

CSC-142Computer Science4
MAT-115Mathematics and Society3
MAT-117Math for Elementary Teachers3
MAT-120College Algebra3
MAT-136Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry5
MAT-138College Algebra with Limits4
MAT-140Finite Math3
MAT-149Linear Algebra3
MAT-150Discrete Math3
MAT-162Business Statistics4
MAT-163Quantitative Reasoning for Business4
MAT-165Business Calculus3
MAT-210Calculus I4
MAT-216Calculus II4
MAT-219Calculus III4
MAT-227Differential Equations With Laplace4


Students seeking an A.A. degree complete six credit hours from Group A below. See an adviser for requirements specific to your degree.

Group A

BIO-104Introductory Biology With Lab3
BIO-112General Biology I4
BIO-113General Biology II4
BIO-131Genetics and Society3
BIO-154Human Biology3
BIO-168Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO-173Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIO-195Human Evolution3
CHM-110Introduction to Chemistry3
CHM-111Introduction to Chemistry Lab1
CHM-132Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry4
CHM-165General Chemistry I4
CHM-175General Chemistry II4
ENV-115Environmental Science3
PHS-151Introduction to Astronomy3
Select one of the following:
Physical Geology 1
Environmental Geology 1
PHS-171Physical Geology Lab1
PHS-176Environmental Geology Laboratory1
PHS-180Evolution of the Earth3
PHY-120Introductory Physics3
PHY-162College Physics I4
PHY-172College Physics II4
PHY-212Classical Physics I5
PHY-222Classical Physics II5
SCI-120Forensic Science3
SCI-122Forensic Science Laboratory1

Only one Geology course can count as Science credit.

Group B

CHM-262Organic Chemistry I4.5
CHM-272Organic Chemistry II4.5

Social Science

Students seeking an A.A. degree complete 3 courses. Students seeking an A.S. degree complete 2 courses.

CRJ-100Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRJ-201Juvenile Delinquency3
ECE-103Introduction to Early Childhood Education3
ECE-170Child Growth and Development3
ECN-120Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECN-130Principles of Microeconomics3
EDU-110Exploring Teaching3
EDU-240Educational Psychology3
HSV-109Introduction to Human Services3
HSV-201Loss, Trauma and Resilience3
HSV-292Substance Abuse and Treatment3
MMS-101Mass Media3
POL-110Introduction to Political Science3
POL-111American National Government3
POL-121International Relations3
POL-125Comparative Government and Politics (D)3
PRL-103Introduction to Law3
PSY-111Introduction to Psychology3
PSY-121Developmental Psychology3
PSY-251Social Psychology3
PSY-261Human Sexuality3
SOC-110Introduction to Sociology3
SOC-115Social Problems3
SOC-120Marriage and Family3
SOC-200Minority Group Relations (D)3
SOC-220Sociology of Aging (D)3
SOC-265Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Studies (D)3

Additional Diversity

Students seeking an A.A. degree may take one of these courses to satisfy the diversity requirement. They count as electives, not as core.

CRJ-202Cultural Competency for Criminal Justice Practitioners (D)3
EDU-248Exceptional Persons (D)3
GLS-120Education Experience Abroad (D)1-3
LIT-158Literature of the African Peoples (D)3