Final Grade Appeal Procedure

Final Grade appeals are addressed to the Grade Appeal Committee.

Appeal Process

You may appeal a final course grade provided that:

  • Conferences have been held first with the instructor assigning the grade and then the appropriate department administrator
  • Appeal of a final grade can be submitted using this Final Grade Appeal Form
  • The grade appeal form must be submitted within 100 calendar days from the date of which the grade was assigned. In order to ensure a timely hearing of the appeal, students are encouraged to submit their appeal request as soon as possible after the grade is assigned.
  • The appeal should contain a brief, clear and concise description of what occurred and state specifically why the student is appealing the final grade. Students should also provide additional information why the Committee should grant the appeal. Supporting documentation is allowed and may be included with the appeal.

Final Course Grade Hearing Procedure

An Ad Hoc Appeal Committee will convene to consider the appeal within ten (10) business days of the receipt of the grade appeal. The chairperson will contact all parties involved in the appeal and provide an opportunity to appear in person for the appeal hearing. The Ad Hoc Appeal Committee may render a decision based entirely on the written appeal material. It is the intention of the Committee to reach a decision concerning appeals within two (2) business days following the conclusion of the appeal hearing. The chairperson of the Committee will notify all parties involved of the Committee’s decision using a letter to the student’s Kirkwood email address within ten (10) business following the appeal hearing. The decision of the Committee is final and cannot be appealed within the College.

Staff Rights

Any faculty/staff member directly involved with any student appeal will be notified of the appeal upon receipt of such by the Committee chairperson. The chairperson will also notify the staff person of the date, time and place of the appeal hearing and request that the staff member provide written information responsive to the appeal. The involved faculty/staff person or designee has the right to appear before the Committee, personally present information and answer questions pertinent to the appeal.

Student Rights

The student will be notified by the chairperson of the date, time and place of the appeal hearing. The student has the right to appear before the Committee, and personally present information and answer questions pertinent to the appeal. The student has the right, during the hearing, to be assisted by an advisor they chose, at their own expense. The student is responsible for presenting his or her own information, and therefore, advisors are not permitted to speak or to participate directly in any part of the hearing. The participants should select as an advisor a person whose schedule allows attendance at the scheduled date and time for the hearing because delays will not normally be allowed due to the scheduling conflicts of an advisor.

Other Appeals

The Committee may also hear other academic policy and procedure appeals as may be designated by the vice president of Academic Affairs or a committee recommendation.

Disposition of Appeals

Within 10 business days of the hearing, all persons directly involved in the appeal will receive written notification through their Kirkwood email address by the committee chairperson of the Committee’s decision about the appeal. The Committee’s decision is final and cannot be appealed within the College. The plurality of the vote or the nature of the votes cast by individual committee members will not be disclosed.