Cancellation and Delay Procedure

The College may close on occasion due to weather or other emergency situations. Except in extreme cases (such as a multi-day blizzard) classes will always be cancelled in segments of the day. The initial cancellation announcement will cancel daytime classes 7 a.m.-5 p.m. The cancellation will note that the evening decision will be made and announced by 3:00 p.m. In extreme conditions, the President or his/her designated representative may close for the entire day and evening.

The College may close at varying times during the day based on the severity of the conditions and timing of the storm. It is general procedure for office and services to close if the College has closed. Offices and services that would normally be open in the evening are required to be open if evening classes are held.

All locations will close at the same time, with the following exceptions: extreme cases such as flood waters cresting on different days, isolated ice storms or localized power outages. In these cases, a location may close while the main campus remains open. County Centers will not announce such closings to the CR/IC media to avoid confusion. Iowa City or other Linn County locations may use the media if the Executive Director, Communications & Marketing deems it necessary and effective. The lead person at each off campus site will make these calls in consultation with their Cabinet member or the Vice President, Facilities & Public Safety.

Some facilities (Corporate Training, The Kirkwood Center, The Hotel, KCETC) serving clients or external customers will remain open based on client activities.

In order to provide necessary services to the College and The Hotel, Facilities employees may be scheduled to work during a cancellation or delay. The Vice President of Facilities & Public Safety will coordinate with division directors to determine the time and personnel necessary.