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FlexFORWARD is a program intended for working adults. The FlexFORWARD program allows students to move through their coursework at a pace that fits within their busy schedules. These courses are set up using Competency Based Education (CBE). FlexFORWARD’s delivery format operates with the college’s existing semester/term structure. Courses are delivered in seven week (fall/spring) and six week (summer) blocks that fall within Kirkwood’s current 16 week fall, 16 week spring and 12 week summer semesters.

FlexFORWARD students may only register for courses in the FlexFORWARD program; they may not simultaneously take courses from Kirkwood’s other delivery formats. Additionally, FlexFORWARD students can be active in two FlexFORWARD courses at a time. Each of the courses in the FlexFORWARD program will have a recommended weekly schedule to pace students to assure completion within the block. Students must meet or exceed proficiency in all competencies to earn credit for the course.