Electrical Technology (ELE)

ELE-364  Basic Electrical Circuits  (4)  

Focuses on basic safety and foundational principles for electrical trades. Covers basic electrical soldering techniques, electrical theory, terminology, symbols, abbreviations, calculations, and electrical meter usage. Introduces magnetic induction, transformer theory, and magnetic relays. Reinforces theory and classroom study with practical lab exercises. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B

Hours per week: 1.0 lecture, 6.0 lab

ELE-365  Industrial Wiring  (3)  

Covers industrial methods and practices used to install and maintain electrical distribution systems, busway, cable tray, conduit, panel boards, circuit protection, branch circuits, support methods, and NEC application. Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B

Hours per week: 2.0 lecture, 2.0 lab